Ubaye Sunset

Ubaye Sunset

Ingredients :

5 cl of organic Limoncello Lachanenche

2 cl of basil syrup

20 cl of sparkling water

Trim :

A basil head and a lemon slice

Preparation :

In a shaker, pour the organic Limoncello Lachanenche and basil syrup.

Add ice cubes in the shaker, then shake vigorously to mix the ingredients well and cool them.

Gently filter the mixture in a glass filled with fresh ice cubes.

Lie the cocktail by pouring the sparkling water over it.

For the garnish, add a basil head for a touch of fresh aroma and a lemon slice for an acidity zest.

Take advantage of this delicious Ubaye Sunset cocktail, perfect for a refreshing and herbaceous experience!

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