Minth Fizz

Minth Fizz

Ingredients :

4 cl of Lachanenche organic mint liqueur

4 raspberries

15 cl of Ginger Beer

Trim :

3 raspberries

1 mint head

Preparation :

In a shaker, place the raspberries and gently crush them using a pestle to release their aromas.

Add the organic Lachanenche mint liqueur to crushed raspberries and mix carefully.

Integrate the ice cubes into the shaker, then shake vigorously to merge the flavors and cool the preparation.

Filter the mixture in a glass previously filled with ice cubes, then complete with the Ginger Beer for a spicy effervescence.

As a garnish, arrange the fresh raspberries harmoniously and a mint head on the top of the cocktail.

Enjoy this refreshing cocktail with the Lachanenche organic mint liqueur, an explosion of fruity and menthol flavors that will delight your taste buds.

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