Gin Tonic

Gin tonic

Ingredients :

5 cl of organic Gin Lachanenche

10 cl of tonic (choose a quality tonic)

Ice cubes

A lemon or a lime slice (for the garnish)

Preparation :

Fill a large balloon glass (or a tumbler glass) with ice cubes to refresh it.

Pour 5 cl of organic Gin Lachanenche over the ice cubes.

Complete the glass with 10 cl of quality tonic. Gently stir with a mixture to mix the ingredients without loosing the effervescence.

For the garnish, add a lemon or a slice of lime in the glass. This will bring a touch of lemony freshness to the cocktail.

You can also add a straw if you wish.

Enjoy your Gin Tonic with the organic Gin Lachanenche, a timeless classic that highlights the subtle flavors of the gin, enhanced by the freshness of the Tonic and a touch of citrus for a refreshing experience.

Trick : You can enhance the taste of your Gin Tonic by adding 1.5 cl of organic Limoncello Lachanenche or 1.5 cl of organic raspberry Lachanenche.

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