Ingredients :

4 cl of Génépi Lachanenche

3 cl of fresh lime juice

2 cl of cane sugar syrup

6 cl of sparkling water

6 mint leaves

Trim :

1 mint head

1 lemon slice

Preparation :

At the bottom of a glass, gently mash the mint leaves using a pestle to release their aromas.

Add the lime juice and genepi to the glass, then fill it with ice cubes.

Lie the mixture by pouring the sparkling water over the ice cubes, then stir gently with a spoon to mix the flavors well.

For the garnish, add a slice of lime and a mint head, which will bring a touch of aroma and aesthetics to your cocktail.

Take advantage of this Ubayito cocktail also called Genepito, a drink rich in flavors.

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