Unique know-how

Savoir-faire unique


The Lachanenche distillery perfected in the art of distillation by means of a centenary still acquired in 2012.

Benoit in charge of manufacturing, applies to refining his knowledge through the diversity of distilled products (plants, fruits, cereals). The objective is to offer subtle and tasty spirits, with a touch of originality brought by the singularity of this still.

Alambic : 1907 steam alambic, comprising three copper vases. Itinerant and initially intended for the production of Marc in Savoy. It was renovated by the addition of two columns of stupfler rectifications allowing the production of a finer alcohol with precise and powerful aromatics.



A traditional process of making liqueurs, maceration is an infusion of raw material in an organic surfin alcohol.

The Lachanenche distillery uses this manufacturing process in order to reveal the aromatic power that can offer a plant, fruit or spice. The rigorous selection of highly qualitative organic raw materials is also essential.

The maceration is part of time and while respecting the particularities of each ingredient in order to keep the maximum of their aromatic integrity.

To do this, no additives or coloring are used.

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